Clinical Members

Physician Member - $270.00 (USD)  Physicians who are interested in high resolution anoscopy and anogenital pathology or those who demonstrate an active interest in anal neoplasia, including invasive and preinvasive disease, high resolution anoscopy and anogenital pathology by their professional involvement through pathology/cytology, nursing, public health policy, and/or research/basic science

Advanced Practice Clinician - $180.00 (USD) Subscription period: 1 year No recurring payments Nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc.

Low-Medium Income Country Physician - $50.00 (USD)


Resident/Trainee - $100.00 (USD) Physicians interested in anal neoplasia and who are currently enrolled in an accredited residency program or have completed such a program in the past year. Physicians in post-residency fellowships are also eligible.

Students- $50.00 (USD)

Non-Clinical Members

Non Clinical Member - $180.00 (USD) Individuals who are interested in public health, policy, education, and/or research/basic science related to HPV and/or anal neoplasia (anal warts, AIN, anal cancer).

Retiree - $50.00 (USD)

Patient/Survivor/Family - $50.00 (USD)

How to Join us

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