Preliminary Schedule

Friday June 1

12:00               Coffee and Registration

1:00                 Welcome and Introduction
                        Naomi Jay, President of IANS

1:15                 Opening Ceremony: IANS Clinics around the globe

1:30                 Session Chair: Dr. Richard Hillman
                        Up-to-date: Anal HPV and neoplasia today

1:30                 Overview of current epidemiology of HPV in women – Dr. Alexandra de Pokomandy

2:10                 Overview of current epidemiology of HPV in men – Dr. Anna Guiliano       

3:00                 Coffee Break

3:30                 Session Chair Dr. Teresa Darragh
                        Invited Oral Abstracts on epidemiology and natural history

5:30                 Session Chair: Dr. Stephen Goldstone
                        Keynote Lecture: Dr. Eliav Barr – The impact of HPV vaccination: global, local, men, women

6:30                 Opening Reception

Saturday June 2

7:30                 Breakfast with IANS Board Members

8:30-10:00       Session Chair: Dr. Celine Bouchard
                        Everything HPV in Canada

8:30                 The Canadian HPV Prevention Week Initiative - Dr. Vivien Brown               

9:15                 Panel: Canadian anal cancer screening and research
                        Canadian challenges and success in implementing anal cancer screening, research initiatives Representatives from HRA centers in: 
Toronto,                                           Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary

10:15               Coffee Break

10:30-12:30     Session Chair: Dr. Mayura Nathan
                        HPV Vaccines: what’s left to talk about?

10:30               The feminization of HPV (gender politics and the vaccine) – Dr. Zeev Rosberger

11:00               Panel: vaccine utility for prevention and treatment of anal disease
                        Will vaccination prevent recurrence of HSIL? – Dr. Jeff Schouten and Dr. Margaret Madeleine
                        Report on therapeutic vaccine modeling– Dr. Jan Prins
                        The one dose regimen – TBD

12:00               Lunch: meet your regional colleagues

                        Abstracts on Vaccine Research                      

1:00                 Session Chair Dr. Luis Barroso
                        Molecular Biology and Diagnostics

1:00                 Genetic Influences on HPV – Dr. Andrea Lisco                                

1:30                 Biomarkers: potential for new diagnostic tools – TBD

2:00                 Invited Oral Abstracts on molecular biology and pathogenesis                      

3:30                 Break

4:00-6:30         Session Chair: Dr. Tamzin Cuming
                        Treatment – what’s new, what’s effective

 4:00               Immunotherapy: ready for primetime? – Dr. Mark Einstein

 4:30               Evaluating treatment effectiveness in trials? An analysis of research standards (TBD)

 5:00               Panel: new treatments
                       Radiofrequency Ablation–  Dr. Stephen Goldstone 
                       Argon Plasma Coagulation – Dr. de Pokomandy
                       Cidofovir intra-anal – Dr. Sendagorta

5:45                Invited Oral Abstracts on Treatment

6:30                Optional Cocktail

7:30                Optional Social Event

Sunday June 3

 7:30                IANS Business Meeting/Breakfast 
                        Ratification of DARE standards                     

 8:30                Session Chair Dr. Olivier Richel
                        HRA around the World

 8:30                International Panel and presentations of HRA clinics: challenges and successes
                       (TBD based on registration – highlight new clinics, low/medium income countries)

 9:30                International Cohort Studies – updates and invited abstracts

10:30               Break

10:45               Session Chair, Justine Almada
                        Community Forum

11:45               Anal Cancer: new approaches to treatment (TBD)

12:15-1:30       Box Lunch Closing Session

12:30               Session Chair: Naomi Jay
                        The essential role of anal HPV-related disease in understanding all things HPV - Dr. J. Palefsky

 1:15                Summary, Awards, and Closing Remarks

 2:00                Meeting Adjourns

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