Preliminary Program

Friday November 1, 2019

12:00pm          Coffee and registration
1:00pm            Welcome and introduction
1:15pm            Opening ceremony
1:30pm            The Joel M. Palefsky Keynote Address
2:00pm            Update on Epidemiology
3:00pm            Break
3:30pm            Selected Oral Abstract Presentations: Epidemiology and Natural History
5:00pm            Keynote Lecture: Margaret Stanley, President of IPV

6:00pm            Opening reception

Saturday November 2, 2019

7:15am            Breakfast with IANS Board Members

8:15am            Pathogenesis, molecular biology and virology
                                    Pathology: what's important and what's new
                                    Molecular markers and cancer genomics
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations:

10:00am          Coffee Break
10:30am          Screening and diagnostics
                                    Early detection of anal cancer: DARE
                                    Stratification tools: cytology, HPV analysis, molecular markers
                                    Panel on imaging techniques: experience, evidence and costs
                                    Quality Assurance Metrics
                                    Innovation: the future of anal neoplasia screening
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations:
12:00pm          Lunch: meet your colleagues
1:00pm            Anal cancer: staging and treatment
                                    Staging and treatment: current guidelines and new strategies
                                    Update on surgical techniques: from early anal cancer to extensive   disease
                                    Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations:
2:00pm            Anal HPV associated conditions across Europe
3:00pm            Break
3:30pm            Natural history & implications for screening
                                    Screening for HSIL to prevent anal cancer: what's the evidence to date
                                    Update on SPANC
                                    Update on ANCHOR
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations
5:00pm            Screening and treatment in new practice settings
                                    What's happening in countries with limited resources: an overview
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations:
6:00pm            Adjourn

6:30pm            Social Event

Sunday November 3, 2019

7:30am            IANS Business meeting (IANS members only)
8:30am            Treatment of HSIL
      Evolution of ablative therapy                                    
    Risk stratification: treatment or monitoring?
                                    Update on ablative and non ablative treatment
                                    Challenges in setting up treatment trials
                                    Multizonal disease
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations: 
10:00am          Coffee Break
10:30am          Quality of life and sexual health: the patients’ perspective
                                    Patient experiences across Europe
                                    Sexuality/other effects on the well-being of patients
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations:
11:30am          Vaccination
                                    Vaccination strategies across Europe
                                    Selected Oral Abstract Presentations:
12:30pm          Panel: the multidisciplinary approach
12:55pm   Working Lunch 
:05pm            Closing Keynote by Chris Meijer: history and future of cervical and anal screening
1:35pm            Summary and closing remarks
     Prizes and announcement of next meeting
     Change of IANS presidency

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