Faculty and Invited Speakers

Mario Alvarez-Gallego (Surgeon, Madrid)

Greg Barnell (Nurse Practitioner, Oakland)

Michael Berry-Lawhorn (Clinical Professor of Medicine, San Francisco)

Jules Bowring (Consultant Gynecology, London)

Megan Clarke (Post-doctoral fellow NIH, Rockville)

Gary Clifford (Cancer Epidemiologist, Lyon)

Tamzin Cuming (Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, London)

Henry de Vries (Dermatologist, Amsterdam)

Stephen Goldstone (Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, New York)

Andrew Grulich (Epidemiologist, Sydney)

Richard Hillman (Associate professor Sexual Health, Sydney)

Naomi Jay (Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing, San Francisco)

Esther Kuijvenhoven (Nurse Practitioner, Amsterdam) 

Carmella Law (Sexual Health Physician, Sydney)

Chris Meijer (Professor of Pathology, Amsterdam)

Joel Palefsky (Professor of Medicine, San Francisco)

Andrew Renehan (Professor of Cancer Studies and Surgery, Manchester)

Olivier Richel (Infectious Diseases Specialist, Nijmegen)

Jennifer Roberts (Anogenital Pathologist, Sydney)

Elena Sendagorta (Dermatologist, Madrid)

Margaret Stanley (Professor of Epithelial Biology, Cambridge)

Renske Steenbergen (Associate professor Molecular Biology, Amsterdam)

Elizabeth Stier (Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Boston)

David Winterflood (Anal Cancer Foundation, London)


Preliminary Program

Friday November 1, 2019

12:00pm          Coffee and registration

 1:00pm           Welcome and Introductions Opening Ceremony                         
Naomi Jay, President of IANS

1:20pm            The Joel Palefsky Keynote Address: Visualizing the end of anal cancer                         
 Dr. Joel Palefsky

 1:50pm           Epidemiology and natural history
Session Chairs: Maarten Schim van der Loeff and Andrew Grulich               

Recent advances in epidemiology of HPV related anal disease in men and women
             Dr. Gary Clifford

 2:15pm           Selected Oral Abstract Presentations

Helle Kiellberg Larsen

Risk of anal intra-epithelial neoplasia and anal human papillomavirus infection among renal transplant recipients compared with immunocompetent healthy controls

Catharina Johanna Alberts

Incidence and clearance of anal HPV-16 and HPV-18 infection, and their determinants, among HIV-positive men who have sex with men in France

Vita W. Jongen

Anal squamous intraepithelial lesions (ASIL) in HIV-positive MSM: incidence and risk factors of ASIL, and of progression and clearance of low-grade ASIL

C├ęsar Sotomayor 

Incidence rate and risk factors for anal squamous cell carcinoma in a cohort of people living with HIV in Southern Spain from 2004 and 2017

Kirsten Frederiksen

Risk of anal cancer following benign anal disease and anal precursor lesions in relation to HIV status: a Danish registry-based study

Danielle RL Brogden

The role of HIV prevalence in the changing demographics of Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the United Kingdom

 3:15pm           Coffee Break

 3:45pm           Pathology and Pathogenesis
Session chairs: Jennifer Roberts and Renske Steenbergen

                        Pathology: what's important and what's new
Dr. Jennifer Roberts

                        Molecular markers & Cancer genomics
Dr. Renske Steenbergen

  4:35pm          Selected Oral Abstract Presentations

Sharof Tugizov

HIV Proteins Gp120 and Tat Induce an Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition in HPV-Immortalized Anal and Cervical Epithelial Cells and Increase their Migration and Invasion

Irina V. Getun

HPV-induced anal cancer progression and HPV integration in a raft tissue culture system.

Andrea Lisco

Host genetics in anogenital HPV-associated diseases: implications for pathogenesis and management?

Annemiek Leeman

Grading immunohistochemical markers p16 INK4a and HPV E4 identifies productive and transforming lesions caused by low- and high-risk HPV within high-grade anal squamous intraepithelial lesions

Jean-Damien Combes

Antibodies against HPV16E6 oncoprotein in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study: kinetics and anal cancer risk prediction

Yuxin Liu

P16 immunohistochemistry improves interobserver agreement in the diagnosis of anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions

5:35pm            Keynote VIDEO lecture by Dr. Margaret Stanley: Manipulating the immune system against HPV
Session Chairs: Andrew Grulich and Joel Palefsky

6:05pm            Opening Reception and Oral Poster session 1 (odd numbers)

Saturday November 2, 2019

 8:00am           Breakfast with IANS Board & Experts: Meet the Experts

 9:00am           Screening and diagnostics
                        Session chairs: J. Michael Berry-Lawhorn and Andreia Albuquerque

                        Early detection of anal cancer: DARE
Dr. Richard Hillman and Dr. Carmella Law

                        Innovation: the future of anal neoplasia screening
Dr. Elena Sendagorta

9:40am            Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations

Dorothy J. Wiley

Varying signal-to-control hrHPV-E6/E7-mRNA (HPV-APTIMA) positivity cut points predict anal histological high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) for HIV-infected and –uninfected adults

Ramon P. van der Zee

Validation of host cell DNA methylation markers for cancer risk stratification of high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia in HIV-positive men

Juan Lucas Poggio

Anoscopy Surveillance for Anal Dysplasia in Patients Living with HIV Disease is a Safe and Cost-Effective Approach

Richard Hillman

Risk stratification used to optimize follow up of people at high risk of anal cancer

Mary Poynten

Comparison of four assays for baseline anal high-risk Human Papillomavirus (HRHPV) detection in the Study of the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC)

David Templeton

Prevalence and predictors of loss to follow-up of Gay and Bisexual men (GBM) in the longitudinal Study for the Prevention of Anal Cancer (SPANC)

10:30am          Coffee Break

11:00am          Screening and diagnostics (cont.)

Naomi Jay

Quality control (QC) metrics for high resolution anoscopy (HRA) in an anal neoplasia clinic.

Elizabeth A Stier

Screening strategies for anal histologic high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) detection in women living with HIV (WLHIV) – AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC)-084

Yuxin Liu

HIV-positive Women with Anal High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions: A study of 197 Cases with Long-term Anogenital Surveillance

11:15am          Treatment of anal dysplasia
Session chairs: Luis Barosso and Celine Bouchard

                        Evolution of ablative therapy and treatment
                        Dr. Stephen Goldstone

                        Multizonal disease
                        Dr. Julie Bowring and Dr. Elizabeth Stier

12:15pm          Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations

Prakash Bhuyan

Preliminary Results of a Phase 2, Open Label, Study of VGX-3100 Delivered Intramuscularly (IM) Followed by Electroporation (EP) for the Treatment of HPV-16 and/or HPV-18 (HPV 16/18) related Anal HSIL

Michael M. Gaisa

Electrocautery Ablation of Anal High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions: Effectiveness and Key Factors associated with Outcomes

12:45pm          Lunch and Oral Poster session 2 (even numbers)

 1:45pm           Unifying Europe
Session chairs: Tamzin Cuming and Olivier Richel

                        Small Europe in Amsterdam: how to deal with the data?
Dr. Maarten Schim van der Loeff

                        IANS Europe Kick Off and Discussion Panel

 2:15pm           Screening and treatment in new practice settings
Session chairs: Naomi Jay and Esther Kuijvenhoven

                        What's happening around the globe?
Esther Kuijvenhoven, NP

  2:35pm          Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations

Samer Doughan

Experience and challenges of anal cancer screening in HIV-positive MSM in the Middle East

Rebecca G. Nowak

HPV genotypes from an anal cancer screening program among men who have sex with men in Abuja, Nigeria

 3:00pm           Coffee Break

 3:30pm           Anal cancer: staging and treatment
Session chairs: Julian Sanchez and Tamzin Cuming

                        Excision of Early AC and PA Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Pragmatic Realism, Hopes, and Expectations!
                        Dr. J. Michael Berry-Lawhorn

                        Farrah Fawcett Foundation Keynote Address on anal cancer treatment                         
Dr. Andrew Renehan

                        Salvage Surgery of Anal Cancer
Dr. Mario Alvarez Gallego

 4:40pm           Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations

Carmelina Cappello

Anal squamous cell carcinoma local recurrence rates in a high resolution anoscopy (HRA) follow-up programme

Daniel Seeds

High Resolution Anoscopy facilitates early identification of local recurrence following treatment of anal cancer  

J. Michael Berry-Lawhorn

Qualitative clinical analysis of patients who progressed to cancer with known anal lesions

 6:00pm           Optional Social Activity: Canal cruise and dinner

Sunday November 3, 2019

 7:30am           IANS Business meeting and breakfast (IANS members only)

 9:00am           Screening strategies
Session chairs Naomi Jay and Richard Hillman

                        Update on National Cohort Studies: ANCHOR, SPANC, SEPAC
                        Dr. Joel Palefsky, Dr. Andrew Grulich and Dr. Tamzin Cuming

 9:30am           Report from the IANS Screening Task Force Dr. Elizabeth Stier
Clinical Practices – Greg Barnell
  Target populations – Gary Clifford
   Screening strategies – Megan Clarke

10:30am          Coffee Break

11:00am          Quality of life and sexual health: the patients' perspective
Session chairs: Mary-Jo Murphy and Ramon van der Zee

                        Introduction by Mary-Jo Murphy and video messages

Patient experience
Dr. Stephen Weitzman

Interactive session on sexuality and quality of life

12:00pm          Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations

Bryan A. Kutner

Gay and bisexual men who report stigma alongside discomfort discussing anal sex with health workers are less likely to have had an anal exam or anal swab

Thomas Atkinson

Development of a health-related quality of life symptom index for persons treated or actively monitored for anal HSIL: an AIDS Malignancy Consortium Study (AMC –A01, –A02, –A03) Malignancy Consortium Study (AMC –A01, –A04)

12:15pm          Working Lunch

12:30pm          Vaccination
Session chairs: Jan Prins and Stephen Goldstone

                        The Anti-vax movement and an update from the Dutch health council
Dr. Henry de Vries

                        A shot of prevention: the gender neutral vaccination campaign in the UK and lessons for Europe
David Winterflood

1:10pm            Selected Oral Abstracts Presentations

Stephen E. Goldstone

Long-term effectiveness and immunogenicity of quadrivalent HPV vaccine in young men: 10 year end of study analysis

Karien C.M. Gosens

Quadrivalent HPV vaccination after effective treatment of Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia in HIV+ MSM (VACCAIN-P trial)  

Troy Grennan

Economic barriers, evidentiary gaps, and ethical conundrums: A qualitative study of physicians’ challenges recommending HPV vaccination to older gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men

 1:45pm           Closing Keynote by Chris Meijer: What can we learn from cervical screening to optimize anal cancer prevention?

 2:15pm           Summary and closing remarks
Naomi Jay and Richard Hillman

                        Change of IANS presidency
Awards and announcement next meeting

2:30pm            Meeting adjourns

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